Jacksonville’s Christy Schell, Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Empowers Women to Change


Christy Schell is specially trained to guide women to find the right catalyst needed to make life better through personal training and exercise.
As a member of the ACSM and a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), her clients learn how to develop a fitness schedule and weight-loss program to lower blood pressure, reduce hypertension and get control of diabetes and/or other ailments brought on by health that needs a jump-start.

Take the first step to good health with Christy. Under her expert guidance, you will have an opportunity to experience:

  • A Personalized Exercise Program you can do at home – no gym required
  • A Personalized Fitness Program with achievable goals
  • A Personalized Weight Loss Program that you can complete on time
  • A Biometric Measurement Program to assess your success
  • Participation in the ACSM’s EIM® (Exercise Is Medicine) Program
  • And, develop new exercise experiences (running, racing, cycling) that can make a difference in your busy life

As a Health and Fitness Consultant, Christy has your best interest in mind – and that’s the state of your health. She wants you to reach your personal best and optimum goals as you develop new skills that become healthy catalysts for change. In fact, when you reach into the refrigerator for the ice cream and chocolate sauce late at night, you will ask yourself, “What would Christy do?” Plus, she welcomes clients – especially Baby Boomers – who have special health issues, such as an on-set of diabetes or newly diagnosed heart conditions. Make Christy part of your daily routine.

EIM means Exercise Is Medicine!

Start now and live your life to the fullest with the new you! - Christy Schell

Works For Me!

Personal training with Christy works for me because it is on my schedule, she is focused on me and I have a regular appointment I don't want to miss. She develops various workouts specifically for me and tracks my progress. I just have to show up and do what she tells me to do. - Toni Woods

Efficient and Effective!

I have been working with Christy Schell for more than 12 months now and can really see the results with the overall definition in my muscles as well as a much stronger core. Christy’s workouts are not only efficient and effective, she also makes them a lot of fun! She is motivating and enthusiastic. I would definitely recommend her to other busy, professional women in Jacksonville. Her fitness sessions will give you more strength and energy to make it through the busy days! - Jill L. Moore

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