February Is The Month For Love

February Is The Month For Love

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February is the month for love! That brings to mind this question: Should you work out with your significant other? Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks.

The Good

Release Adrenaline, Increase Attraction – Exercise and activities that cause adrenaline to be released results in an increase in physical and emotional arousal. High arousal activities such as rock climbing, zip lining or snowboarding will not only positively affect your fitness…it will increase your attraction to each other!

Accountability – Working out with a partner will make you more likely to show up because you promised someone you really care about that you’d be there. Plus, having joint goals and scheduled sessions can help you stay on track from week to week.

Time Well Spent – Exercising together can also help you bond with your partner.  In addition to doing something you both enjoy together, it provides focused time where you can share the ups and downs of the day. Merely sharing experiences where you have triumphs and disappointments can help solidify your relationship.

Improve the Romance – Getting fit together can help you feel better about yourself. As you build your self-confidence and increase your energy, you’ll emit more sex appeal! You’ll have more positive energy (via endorphins) and will be all around happier.

The Bad

Sadly, there are always cons to counterbalance the good. If you find yourself with the differences mentioned below, perhaps working out sans partner isn’t such a bad idea!

  • If your partner is unsupportive or exceedingly critical, you  might be better off to work out solo.
  • If your fitness level is vastly different from your partner, save the serious training days to do separately.
  • If you have an uber-competitive spouse, and you are not, or vice versa, you might want to ditch tandem workouts. One or both of you might experience high levels of frustration, negating many of the wonderful “feel good” components that come with exercise.

What do you think? Is exercise better together or alone?

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