Is Your Workout Helping You Function?

Is Your Workout Helping You Function?

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Functional exercises give your body the type of training it needs to make everyday activities safer and easier. It prepares us for common movements that we encounter during our daily lives – at home, work, and sports. Most functional exercises are designed to target multiple muscle groups at one time and also help build core strength.

When you think about activities you participate in every day, rarely is a single muscle group used. Most tasks require upper and lower body movements in order to be accomplished. For example, vacuuming involves coordinating muscles in your legs, back, shoulders, and arm. By doing exercises in your workout sessions that increase your strength in these areas, you’ll experience fewer injuries and enjoy a higher quality of life. Functional exercises are particularly important to consider as you age. Over the long-term, they can help improve balance, agility and muscle strength, as well as reduce the risk of falls.

Functional exercises can be done at home or in a gym, in individual or group sessions. Yoga and tai chi often work well to improve functionality because they involve numerous movements that focus on both strength and flexibility.  Numerous pieces of exercise equipment, such as kettle bells, weights, and fitness balls can help too.

Whether your overall goals include playing more games of basketball with the kids or completing more household chores with less muscle soreness, functional exercise is for you! If you’d like to activities that will help prepare you for easier living, contact me. I’d be happy to discuss the specific benefits of adding functional exercise to your workout routine!

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