Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Wondering which gear, gizmos, or gadgets to get your health-savvy friends this holiday season? After taking a quick, anonymous poll, this is what I found:

Fitbits and fitness trackers are still the most requested.

Tools to track calories burned and steps taken (plus much, much more) are popular. There are a wide variety of options available, such as the Fitbit or the Jawbone. For more info on these devices, and more, click here. Bonus option – buy one for yourself and a friend and start a friendly competition!

If you know a swimmer, waterproof music playing devices top their list.

There are some cool choices for listening to tunes while in water. One company takes iPod shuffles and waterproofs them. Another has a device that allows you to hear audio via bone conduction. Whichever you choose, this gift will be the coolest of the season!

You can’t go wrong with exercise equipment.

The most popular piece of equipment on my informal poll? Kettle bells. Kettle bells can be used for multiple exercises and come in a variety of different weights. Need some kettle bell workout inspiration to include in the package? Try these exercises.

Workout clothing is a safe bet.

If none of the items suits your gift giving tastes or fits within your budget, consider giving some workout clothes. To any fitness buff, there’s no such thing as having too many tech shirts, warm up jackets, or running socks! Get extra points by having some fun. Find t-shirts, headbands, or arm warmers with your exercise buff’s favorite inspirational quote or saying. Wondering what to say? Try starting here.

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