Women’s Health Issues

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Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant Christy Schell Helps You Discover Better Health and Fitness – It’s Easy, Let’s Get Started A lack of motivation often results in a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to deadly consequences. Fitness and healthy habits are not ever easy or convenient; you have to work at it – all the time. Christy provides a framework for you to not only exercise and reach attainable goals, but it allows you to change your behavior and be more responsible because you are held accountable for each result. If you are sitting in a chair all day, lounging in a chair at home, rather than taking a walk outside in the fresh air or stretching while you’re cooking a healthy meal or watering the flowers outside, Christy can help you define barriers and go beyond them so you can find peace and knowing you are doing yourself a favor by ensuring a good, long life full of living your life while warding off disease and malady as a result of negative lifestyles. Obesity Hypertension Diabetes (1, 2) Low Metabolism and Energy Nutrition (tours and real info) Women unite – get up, get out, put-on a Fitbit® or go for a walk during lunch, rather than sit and eat a sandwich. Move, move, move – or be ready to pay the consequences. With Christy you can attack these problems and solve them in your own home or hers, without a gym membership, and with a partner who is there to cheer you on to reach your better health...

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