Health and Fitness Trainer Christy Schell is Efficient, Effective and At Your Convenience

Private personal training by Christy is tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle. You become empowered to change and motivated to finally get your life back as she takes you through rigorous workouts and awareness of the foods you need to increase your energy and metabolism. It’s hard to make behavioral changes alone. Christy provides the motivation you need and helps you set goals that can make a difference in your life.

Start today – give her a call to learn more about her services:

  • Meet/Greet Bonding Session – she wants to define what you want and need
  • 1:1 Sessions
  • High-intensity Workouts
  • Shopping Tours of the Grocery Stores
  • Gift Ideas (gift certificates)
  • Post-Childbearing Fitness
  • Plans Developed to Fit Your Schedule
  • Rx = No More Pills Achieved Because Exercise Is Medicine

What’s the intended result of working with Christy? Fun, health and happiness! Private, personal training sessions and group plans are available and include:


  • 8 Sessions for $400
  • $55 per hour or $30 per ½ hour


  • Grab a friend,
    get motivated, and
    get going!
  • 60 minutes
  • 8 Sessions for $360, per person or $45 per person, per session


  • Choose in-person or videoconference
  • Demonstrates proper form and exercise movement
  • Weekly check-in ensuring motivation and accountability
  • $95 per month

Cash, check or a debit/credit card is accepted. Don’t forget to buy a gift certificate for better health for birthdays, work anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions.