What is EIM?

Christy Schell’s EIM Workouts Get You Moving While You Gain Strength and Realize New Energy

Make EIM – Exercise Is Medicine – work for you starting with scheduling it into your routine right now. Efficient and effective workouts are required exercise to get the blood flowing and the oxygen moving into all parts of your body. With Christy’s motivation, you will achieve set goals and enjoy extra strength and energy to do the things you couldn’t get to before.

Changing your metabolism and finding a new center or compass is important as you begin your life-changing experience back to good health. EIM is a global health initiative managed by the American College of Sports Medicine that is geared toward your primary care physicians and fitness consultants, like Christy, to include physical exercise as part of the daily Rx for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Regular health assessments are part of a daily prescription to achieve and maintain good health – it’s a lifelong strategy to stay healthy and enjoy every minute.

Physicians are beginning to refer patients to Credentialed Exercise Professionals like Christy who are dedicating their work life to making you feel better physically. Forward-thinking organizations and community-based organizations are looking to EIM professionals to support good health initiatives in schools, college and university campuses, worksites, as well as at health and fitness centers. When you become Christy’s client, you are able to take advantage of her expertise and join others who understand how important exercise is to living a full and healthy lifestyle.